Non- Invasive Cardiology

What is Non-invasive cardiology?

Non-invasive cardiology recognizes heart issues without utilizing any needles, liquids, or different instruments which are embedded into the body.

Non-invasive cardiologists concentrate on the location and treatment of coronary illness, utilizing outside tests—as opposed to instruments embedded into the body—to assess and analyze cardiovascular disorders. Patients with a background marked by coronary illness, suspected valve infection or chest  pain  with obscure reason might be referred by their doctor for a non-intrusive assessment.

Non-invasive cardiologists utilize techniques such as:

  • Nuclear cardiology: A Non-invasive investigation of cardiovascular disorders by means for different sorts of imaging which may utilize radioactive components.
  • Echocardiography: The utilization of ultrasound waves to make pictures of the heart and encompassing structures keeping in mind the end goal to recognize how well the heart pumps blood, contaminations, and auxiliary variations from the norm.
  • Cardiac electrophysiology: Study and testing of the electrical streams which produce heartbeats.
  • Stress tests: Stress testing generally includes practice which is observed by your cardiologist. These activities give your cardiologist data about how your heart performs under physical anxiety.
  • Heart monitors: Heart monitors may likewise be known as a Holter monitors or cardiovascular event recorder. Heart monitors are basically recording devices for your heart's electrical movement over a set measure of time.
  • CT scans: CT filters deliver pictures which your cardiologist can inspect for heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Once your specialist has recognized hazard factors or existing conditions, they may prescribe medicine and way of life changes to enhance your heart's wellbeing.

Dr Abhay Bhoyar


Dr Abhay Bhoyar is a Consultant Paediatric Interventional and Fetal Cardiologist. He belongs to Amravati in Vidarbha. After completing his MBBS and MD(paediatrics) from KEM Hospital and LTMMC, Mumbai University, he went to UK in 2000 to pursue higher studies. There he competed MRCPCH and then underwent 5 years of systematic training in paediatric cardiology which resulted in a certificate of completion of specialist training in paediatric cardiology (CCT). He has gained experience in paediatric cardiology at esteemed Birmingham children’s hospital, Birmingham and Glenfield hospital, Leicester, UK. In asia he spent one month in national heart institute(IJN), Malaysia and 2 weeks at Cochin.

His clinical expertise is the care of infants, children and teenagers with all forms of heart disease as well as in the unborn child.

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Although serving population of nearly 15 million, the pediatric cardiology services in central India are largely far behind the rest of India, let alone the international standards. Parents are running from pillar to post to get the best care for their loved ones.


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